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>Will everyone quite saying that resin kits are for the master builders I
>think if I can put together a perfect grade gundam in 2 days I can put a
>resin kit together and I know how to put a resin kit together I just want to
>know on how to make my own in my garage I have most of the stuff but not
>everything and I have been working on a few molds .

hmmmmm...I don't know about this. A perfect Grade gundam does require
paint to make it more realistic, but the demands of a resin kit aren't the
sort seen in a PG, as mentioned before, the need for tools to make holes
for polycaps and all that, as well as gluing together, puttying,
sanding...this host of other stuff that is practically ignorable with a PG
kit. However, as for it being a master builder's thing, well, it depends
on how good you want it to look, I suppose. But I do agree that one has to
be very careful, and should have some experience with the aforementioned
activities, before doing a resin kit.

Also, isn't resin toxic in dust form? I heard that from somewhere. also
something about not licking it...

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