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> > Subject: [gundam] With exception to the Psycho Gundams, which gundam is
> > the tallest?
> >
> > Just doing some research. My pick is either Nu Gundam, FAZZ, or S
>The Nu Gundam is 22 meters tall, with an "overall" height of 23 meters; the
>only 19.86 meters, although it has an overall height of 23.14 meters. The
>Superior (S) Gundam stands 21.73 meters, with an overall height of 25.18
>If you include the Orchis base, the RX-78GP03 Gundam Dendrobium checks in
>at 38
>meters tall, with a length of 73 meters (140, if you count the cannon) and
>width of 62 meters.
>"Overall" height includes anything attached to the Gundam -- "head height"
>the actual height of the Gundam proper. Some MS have overall heights a
>again more than their head heights.
> > From my understanding, F90, F91, and V Gundam (and may be Turn A?)
> > in UC were down-sized.
>From F91 through V, Gundams are in the 15 to 16 meter range. The Turn A is
>meters tall.
> > I am not familiar with the specs for Wing and Gundam X. So, not sure.
>Pretty much the same as for the latter day UC Gundams.
>In general, MS got taller and taller until UC 0110 (1989 in the Real World
>mecha design), after which they were down-sized. Nu Gundam is the tallest
>the anime canon.
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