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> Subject: [gundam] With exception to the Psycho Gundams, which gundam is
> the tallest?
> Just doing some research. My pick is either Nu Gundam, FAZZ, or S Gundam.

The Nu Gundam is 22 meters tall, with an "overall" height of 23 meters; the FAZZ
only 19.86 meters, although it has an overall height of 23.14 meters. The
Superior (S) Gundam stands 21.73 meters, with an overall height of 25.18 meters.

If you include the Orchis base, the RX-78GP03 Gundam Dendrobium checks in at 38
meters tall, with a length of 73 meters (140, if you count the cannon) and a
width of 62 meters.

"Overall" height includes anything attached to the Gundam -- "head height" is
the actual height of the Gundam proper. Some MS have overall heights a third
again more than their head heights.

> From my understanding, F90, F91, and V Gundam (and may be Turn A?) onwards
> in UC were down-sized.

meters tall.

> I am not familiar with the specs for Wing and Gundam X. So, not sure.

Pretty much the same as for the latter day UC Gundams.

In general, MS got taller and taller until UC 0110 (1989 in the Real World of
mecha design), after which they were down-sized. Nu Gundam is the tallest in
the anime canon.


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