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Tue, 17 Oct 2000 14:05:49 -0400

Except anything that could have been said on the AC vs UC debate
HAS BEEN SAID months and years ago when the seires first came
out... thus this stuff usually gets deleted... -Z- is far more tolerant of
content than I am... I've deleted everything but the Character book
Encyclopedia thread and anything that says where to buy anime. I have
a folder where I keep reviews of books I might want, and stores to
visit if I'm ever in NYC or LA...

> Weird as it may seem, I've actually learned quite a bit about the
> differences between the UC and AC shows because of the "Gundam W Ain't No
> Gundam" topic. It did seem to be a troll looking for flames, but a lot
> the conversation was reasonable discussion about the differences between
> series and why some enjoyed the UC continuity better than the Wing/AC
> continuity and vise versa.
> Daniel

I'm glad then that you got something out of it...

> > I can't be alone in this.
> >
> > -Z-

You're not alone... I'm fairly tolerant of crap-I-can-delete because it
almost no time to download it over my DSL, and Cable connections. But
for anyone wanting true-hidden-undocumented secrets of Gundam this is
a pain over a 56k or less line I'm sure...


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