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> Weird as it may seem, I've actually learned quite a bit about the
> differences between the UC and AC shows because of the "Gundam W Ain't No
> Gundam" topic. It did seem to be a troll looking for flames, but a lot of
> the conversation was reasonable discussion about the differences between the
> series and why some enjoyed the UC continuity better than the Wing/AC
> continuity and vise versa.

I may have missed some lively debate, then. If so, I can always browse the
Gundam Mailing List Archives in search of this discussion -- when I have the
time and nothing more demanding portends.

You cannot, alas, judge a book by its cover or a message by its Subject. Not
can you know, before you open it, whether a message is a one-line "Me, too!" or
"LOL!" or a 60-page treatise on What's Wrong With Anime In America ... or
anything in between.

Call me overly-cautious, but 74 messages with the same Subject in one download
raises a red flag with me. Perhaps I've simply been burned too many times in
the past.

"Gundam W Ain't No Gundam" is indeed inflammatory, but "Gundam And What It Means
to UC-ers" isn't without some hint of rancor, either. I find these religious
differences tiresome, whether they center on Gundam, Star Trek, Star Wars, the
two seasons of Space: 1999 or computing platforms.

Now, a frank discussion of stories, themes, characters, background worlds,
science (or lack fo same), continuity, worldview, and even personal opinion
(expressed as such, not generalized to include all "true" fans) can be quite
interesting, but more often than not comparisons between series come down to "X
sucks because it's not Y, which rules!"

My point is that the signal-to-noise ratio is always a problem, because it's so
easy to post in the heat of the moment. I've done it myself. I usually end up
having to apologize to all and sundry. I've actually written some fairly long
replies to a particular post, then deleted them instead of sending them, because
I realized they'd only fuel the fire. Sometimes, it's better to refrain from
commenting, even when you have a lot you'd like to say.

This list actually has a better ratio than most, but occasionally it lapses into
chaos. I hate when that happens, because my time has become more precious to me
of late, and I don't want the time I spend here, aplace I've grown to love, to
feel like it's been wasted.


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