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Tue, 17 Oct 2000 09:39:36 -0700

It seems like only yesterday that someone was posting "Test" messages because of
the lack of traffic on this list. Oh, hey, wait it minute -- it was the day
before yesterday, wasn't it?

This morning, I found 122 messages in my GML folder. Of these, 66 had some
variation of "Gundam W Ain't No Gundam" in the Subject line. Eight more had the
Subject "Gundam and What It Means To UC-ers" -- a variation on the theme.
That's 74 out of 123 -- 60% of the lot.

I didn't bother to read a single one of them.

I have better things to do with my time.

And so do all of you.

Flames are characterized by their heat, but they seldom shed much light.

Of the remaining 49 items, seven had the Subject "If You Thought The Zakrello
Was Ugly" and nine more were the "?!?!?!!!!!" (I hope I spelled that right)
spinoff thread. That's 16 out of 123 or 13% -- a little more than an ugly plush
doll is worth, even if it was wrongly attributed.

By way of contrast, there were only two intentional diversions ("More Useless
Gundam Fights") and only two posts that were clearly marked Off-Topic
("Evangelion or Patlabor Kits" and "Someone Up There's Smilin' At Us Anime
Fans"), although there were five "It's The Same With Escaflowne" and two "I
Want! I Want!" (about Votoms' Scopedog) posts that weren't marked OT.

That whittles it down to 23 posts (out of 123 -- about 20% or 1 in 5) that are
about par for this list, with the following Subjects:

"Turn A" (5)
"Does Anyone Know How To Make Models" (4)
"Anyone Wanna Donate $450?" (3)
"Are Garage Kit Better?" (3)
"G-Savious Preview" (2)
"Gundam Card Game" (2)
"Dengeki Character Encyclopedia" (1)
"Favorite Mechanical Designer" (1)
"Gouf Flight Type Colours: The Chosen" (1)
"Uh, Gundam Battle Assault" (1)

So the flame war over UC versus AC Gundam outweighed the totality of
Gundam-related posts -- and I'm being charitable here by including the resin
model-making question as on topic -- by 3 to 1 (60% to 20%).

I'd rather wonder if the list were down than be inundated in a sea of flames.
If I'm only going to see 20-odd posts a day that are even marginally topical,
I'd rather see just those 20 than have to wade through 120 -- or, as in this
case, simply toss 75 away unread -- just to get to something even remotely worth
the effort of downloading.

I can't be alone in this.


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