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On Tue, 17 Oct 2000 09:00:39 -0700 (PDT) garrick lee <> wrote:
>--- wrote:
>> People said that about Macross II before it was
>> banned from the continuinty
>> if I remembered correctly...
>yeah, but you can't ban gundam wing from it's own
>timeline. :) and since gundam wing is proudly
>alternate timeline in the first place, what would
>banning it from the UC timeline do, besides stroking
>the insecure egos of the legions of ranting wing
>people get too huffy about what is and what isn't
>gundam (or insert favorite rave show) for their own

That's why I don't have any problems with Wing as such. I just didn't feel as satisfied as I do when watching UC. Hell, I loved Wing when it first came out as it was new Gundam I hadn't seen before. But after watching it for some time, I find I just don't have the appreciation for it that I do for UC stuff.

>i'm probably as die-hard a macross fan as many here
>are UC gundam fans. i didn't like mac2 all that
>much, but i don't bitch about macross 2 being a
>rip-off. i think the guitar-piloting in mac7 is all
>screwy, but i don't whine about macross 7 destroying
>the top-gun image of macross like many self-proclaimed
>purist bastards (how i hate people like those) are
>wont to. it's just too...pathetic to do so.

Macross II was another series that I thought effectively took another story and made it just different enough to be interesting. Some of the characters are a little weird, but it is enjoyable. Plus, you almost just have to love Fairy Squadron. And I LOVE Macross 7.

>i've had enough of "that's not what gundam (or insert
>favorite rave show) is supposed to be!" to last me an
>eternity of suffering. i doth think people bash
>alternate timeline gundams too much. gee, i wonder

Agreed. Especially from those who blast BGC Tokyo 2040 and Macross 7.

>at any rate, i think macross 2 music blends in quite
>well with macross 7 music. macross plus music was
>just another monstrosity entirely, and i don't care if
>it's yoko kano composition.

Guess that is why they had the Sound Jammers playing Macross II music in combat in Macross 7. As for Macross Plus, I liked it. What did you have problems with? Just for curiousities sake.


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