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Tue, 17 Oct 2000 09:01:44 -0700

>No, I meant mainstream as in what people generally think of when they think
>of anime. The sort of stuff that both gives it a bad name amongst non fans
>(all anime is just pointless violence!), and the stuff thats watched heavily
>by the people who don't realize/don't want to know that its really the
>bottom of the barrel as far as anime goes.

You probably think it's the bottom of the barrel...but remember look at the
Anime entirely and not just pin point it as a mainstream Anime or anything
else along those lines.

>Personally, and mind you this is only my opinion, I think DBZ is a big pile
>of ass. I don't care that hardcore fans watch it for an underlying plot, a
>show where a fight scene lasts a dozen episodes does nothing for me.

Yeah it probably won't. =P They did that mainly for more air time; me, I
read the manga so the battles were respectably short. There was a lot more
mystism in the manga and earlier episodes/stories of DB in general. If you
ever heard of the Chinese legend; Journey to the West...that's exactly what
DB and DBZ are based on. It's just that the more the story progressed, the
more it got raped.

>Same for Ninja Scroll. People don't watch it because its anime, or because
>its some great piece of cinematography, the watch it because its animated
>deathporn, as someone in rec.arts.anime.misc put it. Boobs, violence, and a
>simple plot. Again, not why I watch anime.

That's what I said. But I don't watch Ninja Scroll (let's call it Jubei
Chronicles 'cause seriously...the story has nothing to do about a scroll)
because it's a death sex fest. I watch it because it's a classical
representation of all those ninja, samurai and ancient Japanese stories I
used to hear, etc etc...this was the reason why it won best film award in
Japan. It gave similar feelings as did the movie Seven Samurai by "forgot
his face". I personally thought they didn't need all the sex, but then
again, medieval Japan was like that and is very much like that today where
sex is in abudance. So if you want to avoid those types of things, be my
guest, but it's just reality. I can understand though why you hate people
who watch it for the wrong reasons, and I feel mutually the same.

>If this is your cup of tea, more power to you, but i'm gonna go watch
>Escaflowne and be happy =)
>Basically the point I was making that as much as I dislike Wing, it's
>certainly a better show than these.

Yeah right!! lol

And one last time, let me reiterate,
>these are my personal opinions and I'm not bashing you for thinking
>differently. Everybody has their own tastes, so please don't jump all over
>me ;p

Everybody's entitled to their own opinion, I'm just trying to make you see
why those Animes are good.


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