Roland Thigpen (
17 Oct 2000 15:55:09 -0000

On Tue, 17 Oct 2000 10:43:46 EDT wrote:
>While browsing over the Manga Entertainment website,I've found out they're
>FINALLY releasing perhaps one of the great anime movies ever, The Wings of
>Honneamise on DVD.

Really? Well, while I might eventually get it (I already have a VHS copy), I doubt I will any time soon. I appreciate the movie (it was pretty good), but also found it to be extremely slow at points. Right now, I'll save my money for the Escaflowne DVDs (which I'll get despite already having the series in VHS subbed) and the BGC Tokyo 2040 tapes (I can't wait for DVDs for this series, as I like it too much. BTW, volume!).


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