Zhao Pan (zhaopan@hotmail.com)
Tue, 17 Oct 2000 11:53:40 EDT

Personally, I feel Bandai's attempt to "save" Gundam series is nothing more
than an execuse to expand its influence into every part of the world. After
the Wing series became popular in the last few years, I have no doubt that
the number of Gundam fans world-wide had increased three folds! While we
have some new Wing kits to play with (only average mecha design), the prices
of Gundam model kits have increased rapidly. (bad news for modelers!)

But the worst consequence of the Wing series would be on the future Gundam
series. I just have this feeling that Bandai/Sunrise will come out with more
series with stories and character design targeting young and immature
viewers.(bad news for mature Gundam fans!) From what I see in the upcoming
"For the Barrel" character design, the style is quite similar to Wing.
(tall, skinny pretty kids, uggh!)

As a true UC Gundam fan, I pray that Bandai stops continue this "Wing" trend
any further. Otherwise it will lose a lot of royal Gundam fans like many
here in the GML.

> I feel completely alienated by Bandai's/Sunrise's desperation to "save
>Gundam" from being trampled by all those yaoi, bishounen, and strangely
>kawaii Animes that are now flooding Japan. I mean, count the number of
>serious Anime coming out of Japan right now?
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