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Of course it all depends on your definition of better, but they
always have a better sculpt, better proportions, and often have more
detail. As a rule, resin kits usually are the most accurate
representation of a given suit. Where resin has it's shortcomings is
in the area of color correctness (it is all one color), poseability
(some resin kits are fixed pose, and even the full action kits are
usually not as poseable as a MG kit), and cost (always expensive).

I build almost nothing but resin kits, but I also always paint every
surface of a model, putty all my seams, sometimes scratchbuild
components, modify custom designs, and display my models in a display
case in a planned out pose that the model is modified (if necessary)
to achieve.

If you are looking for the best sculpt for a model, with the most
dynamic personality, then resin kits are the best place to look,
however if what you are looking for in a model are a lot of cool
gimmicks like color molding, internal skeletons, and high
poseability, then you will probably be happier with MG kits.

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> Iwant to know something are garage kits better ? They may cost a
> little bit more than the other gundam models but are they worth
> the price?

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