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>> Hmm... actually I've had beter luck at introducing
>> female fans of Wing to UC
>> gundam (of course it helps that one of them is my
>> girlfriend). Then again,
>> most of these fan-girls are more interested in the
>> characters than in the
>> mecha.

>y'know i think the girls are smarter in that aspect.

True, mt girlfirend can practically write disertations on characters.

>unless, by "interested", you mean drooling over how
>kawaii this or that bisho is.

And she has a thing for Char.

>> Then again my girlfriend can't get her hands
>> of my Hyaku-Shiki.

its HGUC if anyone wants to know, painted in my interpretation of the SRW
Alpha color scheme - its body (core) didn't look blue in SRW Alpha but
rather dark grey-ish. Painted the thing (body) German Grey and it came out
quite nice.

>curious question, since i never pay attention to
>credits (and can't remember names to save my life):
>ARE there any female mech designers in mech anime?

not that I know of. Nagano is rather popular for the women and my
girlfriend says that his Hyaku-Shiki looks more shojo than most mecha, even
the ones from Wing.


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