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>> In the right corner: The Wing Boys heero in GW-0, Duo in Deathscythe
>> Hell, Trowa in Heavyarms, Quatre in Sandrock and WuFei in Nataku! In
>> the Left Corner: the Newtype Punks: Camille in Zeta, Judo in ZZ,
>> Seabook in F91, Usso in V2 Buster Assault and Amuro in Nu Gundam!
>> Place Your bets!
>> --


UC Team retreats while all AC Gundams charges forward saves Heero who promptly executes a twin Buster Rifle attack damaging DSHell, Sandrock, and Nataku while destroying HArms Custom (ammo silos breached by the buster rifle). Wing 0 Custom gets decimated a simultaneous barrage of V2's Longrange Cannon, Zeta's Megabeamlauncher, and F91's VSBR. V2 finishes Wing with it's very own 'wings of light'. DSHell and Sandrock gets a free shower courtesy of Nu's Funfunnels.ZZ mops up the remains

PS: And since UC wins, the scrap goes to Judo not Duo


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