garrick lee (
Tue, 17 Oct 2000 05:06:19 -0700 (PDT)

> >Lucky for you. Here in the Philippines, there is
> such a sharp >distinction
> >between the serious gundam fans and wingnuts that
> it's a crying >shame. I
> >tried talking to one of these kids once, explaining
> that he >should try
> >looking at the other Gundam anime, like G Gundam
> (yes, it's >been shown
> >here, and yes it was popular), as well as the UC
> stuff, and >what I got was
> >"But the robots are so boring in that stuff!"
> Egadz, I nearly >became a
> >murderer.

*stomps richie* hehehehehe

and gundams are 4 wheel drive mini-racers. ;)

> Hmm... actually I've had beter luck at introducing
> female fans of Wing to UC
> gundam (of course it helps that one of them is my
> girlfriend). Then again,
> most of these fan-girls are more interested in the
> characters than in the
> mecha.

y'know i think the girls are smarter in that aspect.

unless, by "interested", you mean drooling over how
kawaii this or that bisho is.

> Then again my girlfriend can't get her hands
> of my Hyaku-Shiki.

curious question, since i never pay attention to
credits (and can't remember names to save my life):
ARE there any female mech designers in mech anime?


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