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--- "Juan Alberto B. Mercado"
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> Thats just it, you need time and effort to nurture a
> good story. They did it for UC Gundam and
> Dragonlance, thats probably how its done. Wing is
> supposedly the Gundam for the new generation, a
> re-introduction of the whole UC concept in a brand
> new package. How far they have strayed from the
> path!
> --

errrrr...dragonlance is to fantasy genre kinda like
gundam wing is to UC gundam. underneath all the flash
(cover art, in dragonlance's case) is the same old

there were just a handful of readable books (and even
they packed in the cheese) in the entire dragonlance
saga even during it's peak. since they've run the
saga aground, i've gone for greener pastures. :P

a larry elmore fan. >:]

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