garrick lee (
Tue, 17 Oct 2000 04:11:03 -0700 (PDT)

> I didn't say there wasn't good Anime out there...I
> just said it's not as
> frequent as before. Esca, Giant Robo, etc are
> really good examples of
> good/serious Anime. Nadesico I just couldn't
> was like watching
> GW and Eva stuck together...they tried to stick the
> flashiness of GW and
> then tried to stick the depth of the characters of
> Eva. Damn, I think they
> would know better than to do something like that.
> Everybody knows that
> Ruri is a total cop out of Rei Ayanami; the true and
> original "I'm a
> depressing under aged super kawaii girl".

begging pardon.


in my not so humble opinion, evangelion sucked ass
from the first episode down the last overly bloated
incoherent lame excuse for an ending. (don't give me
that crap about it being because i didn't understand
what evangelion is all about.)

i also think calling rei ayanami "kawaii" is
disgusting. :P 'course, i never could understand
why everyone just drools over that underaged
underdeveloped emotionless clone. then again, i
never could understand bishounen/bishoujo anime
either. so stomp me. :P

ruri is a far better version of rei, just as akito is
a so much better character than shinji.

at any rate, spitfire opinions aside...i just have to
ask -- what is your obsession with "serious anime"?
what is wrong with wacky anime? what is wrong with
flashy anime? who are you to dictate what anime
should be? this is just about as ridiculous as
saying evangelion saved anime.

*roll eyes*

if you don't like other genres of anime, then don't
bother with them. sorry, hate to burst bubbles, but
no one's tastes define anime. take what you like, and
move along and don't presume to tell other people
what's wrong with anime nowadays. i swear if i hear
another schpiel about the state of anime, i'm gonna
spontaneously combust or something.


no hard feelings. :)


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