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> the idea of them being able to take on armies many times there size is
> unrealistic true..
> but the mech are more easy on the eyes then some of the uc ones.
> I myself enjoy the uc timeline but what seems or looks better ,
> or a guncannon?

true, the designs of GWing, though farfetched from being "futuristically
possible", is really one of the best designs. the bottomline here is
everything (UC and AC) is sci-fi, so I wouldn't judge them on how possible
they are to happen in the future. if you watch Back to the Future which was
made in 1985, they shown the future that telephone conversations are done
with a video screen and important messages travel by fax, which was the hot
technology way back then. they didn't anticipate things like e-mail and

anyway, regardless of the possibility of a robot appearing like that in the
future, I love the design.

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