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>>Well, just be a bit more open-minded. to become stuck in an ivory tower
>>not good either. there are gems out there, like the Gatchaman remake, or
>>the Shin Getta remake, or stuff like Escaflowne. It's just seeing through
>>all the flash, like Gasaraki and Nadesico.

>I didn't say there wasn't good Anime out there...I just said it's not as
>frequent as before. Esca, Giant Robo, etc are really good examples of
>good/serious Anime. Nadesico I just couldn't was like watching
>GW and Eva stuck together...they tried to stick the flashiness of GW and
>then tried to stick the depth of the characters of Eva. Damn, I think they
>would know better than to do something like that. Everybody knows that
>Ruri is a total cop out of Rei Ayanami; the true and original "I'm a
>depressing under aged super kawaii girl".

I agree with Esca and GR. However i think you don't give Nadesico its due.
It's actually smart under all that flash. Its mostly a spoof and all but
that is what is so good about it. It drives it's point home without totally
depressing the audience. Showing most otakus and anime audiences the
wierdness and sometime plain silliness of their (otakus) worlds. Almost
like an Otaku no Video Light. Theres even a reference to Plastic Models
(Where do you think i learned how to do a nice snow effect for dioramas).
The thing is, just because an anime isn't serious doesn't mean it's good.
The fun thing with Nadesico is that it knew that it was a spoof and you knew
what they were spoofing just by watching it alone. If it weren't funny,
then it would be a totall ripoff.
As for Ruri, sure she starts out as a Rei Ayanami cop out (in the same way
that Akito is Tenchi Masaki crossed with Shinji) but that changes quickly.
Later in the series, she provides the most unique point of view and her
reflections remind us of how silly our adult lives are and that sometimes
children are more sensible. Besides, at times she felt more real than Rei,
in the sense that she displayed a wider range of emotion. In the end, Rei
became a bit flat while Ruri became wiser and better equipped to handle the
real world.

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