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>Ok you tell that to the Tomino back in 0079 and ask him what he thinks is
>more important; writing a good story, or making a buck. Every artist will

>tell you the first rather than the latter...It's a known fact that passion

>for art is stronger than a commercialized psychopathic frenzy
>rage...Sunrise and Bandai on the other hand...god those guys are idiots.

Tomino of course will say that it is art which is more important. but without
sunrise and bandai, gundam would have just been a handful of nice concept sketches.
 We have to face facts people. When it comes to anime, marketing is usually
in cahoots with how the show is presented. They may be idiotic, but they do
have the cash. There are exceptions to the rule, true, but bandai isn't one
of them.

>>Ahem. I am one of those bishonen and yaoi freaks, and I also appreciate UC

>>gundam; in fact, I love UC gundam. please be more careful with your words.

>Ok, can you name the reason why you like UC Gundam??

simple: It has a great story. Also, it has a nice integrated feel to it in
general (am talking about the different UC series as a whole). Granted, there
are continuity gaffes like the Stardust Memories GP project, but on the whole,
the story is well written.

As for GW/EW, it's true, it does have a rehashed storyline, and it is compressed.
 But what I like about it is that it comes out with a great compromise, all
things considered. For me, what makes gundam wing stand out on its own is that
it made a reversal of the whole gundam philosophy, using the Superrobot genre's
essentially, non-"real" components, and then giving it a reality check. As
in blowing them up. Yes, we do have bishonen and yaoi influences, but think
about it: Amuro and Char qualify as bishonen in their time. This reversal
as it is of certain ideas is no slap in the face to Gundam; it is, after all,
an AC continuity, and in no way intrudes into UC. Also, the show proves, in
its own way, that the realist/pacifist ideals of Tomino, his adherence to family
values and the importance of relationships, are very much applicable even in
a violent and bishonen and yaoi influenced show. That's no mean feat. And
to make this all marketable so that it reaches the maximum audience range is
impressive as well. If GW/EW hadn't been so insnaely successful for all the
"wrong" reasons, I doubt we would be having the deluge of kits and stuff like
08thMS team and all that. FOr that I give it respect.

I do agree that UC has a better story, and that it is better paced, but i sure
as hell appreciate GW/EW for what it is too, and that is what I've just mentioned.

>That's no excuse to create a crap storyline. That's like saying; I create

>a lot of garbage to get a lot of garbage back...uh...ok bad analogy; didn't

>make any sense.

okay: explain the "MA of the week mentality" of the old series. I'll be damned
if that wasn't taken from other "crappy" shows which had to have a Beast robot
every week for the good guy to kill.

Anyways, seriously speaking's just how the Anime
>commune is developed now in Japan. Everything now is flashy flashy
>flashy...typical exec thinking; put more explosions in, but I don't want
>anybody to die.

Nadesico is flashy and trashy in its own way, but hey, look at how it turned
out. Escaflowne has an incredible (for a catoon series on TV) background on
philosophy and alchemical traditions. I guess flashy and trashy can be a bit

The media is a powerful...medium...therefore it can almost
>be used as a brain washing/social development tool. Whatever you put out
>in Japan (especially Japan due to the "otaku-ness" of the country), will
>probably have a big effect on everybody.

Media IS a brainwashing tool. that's why I think that media training should
be done as early as possible.

>I can say that I have Sunrise and Bandai right now because all they want is

>money now. Once they acknowledged those idiotic franchises, that was
>pretty much the signal that they totally forgot who made them; the UC fans

>who followed the series to the rise of the alternate universes. That means

>they now totally ignore and neglect those people who have brought them to
>their pinnacle. Doesn't that make you just hate them even MORE?
>God I hate them a lot now...

It's economics; one has to put out more "crap" nowadays to get some good stuff
in, like 08thMS.
I don't like it either; personally, I want them to put the side stories of UC
into animation, but hey, there's not enough money for that.

>I didn't say there wasn't good Anime out there...I just said it's not as
>frequent as before. Esca, Giant Robo, etc are really good examples of
>good/serious Anime. Nadesico I just couldn't was like watching

>GW and Eva stuck together...they tried to stick the flashiness of GW and
>then tried to stick the depth of the characters of Eva. Damn, I think they

>would know better than to do something like that. Everybody knows that
>Ruri is a total cop out of Rei Ayanami; the true and original "I'm a
>depressing under aged super kawaii girl".

LOL! watch Nadesico more. have you noticed that they have intelligent homages
to various old cartoon series stuff in every episode, all the way from Harlock
to Votoms, to ghost in the shell to lensman to Macross, to gundam? The show
doesn't ask to be taken seriously; in fact, it actively spoofs a lot of stuff,
and then makes a comment on otaus in general; watch out for who the villains
are, and you'll get a hoot. There's even an episode where we find out the head
machanic is a kit builder, and how he acts is exactly how I would act, LOL!
 Don't think of Nadesico as a horrible anime without watching all of it, and
then having a knowledge of cartoons far beyond the '90's stuff. cause believe
me, a lot of the references will pass you by if you don't know about it. it
was made for otakus, LOL! (example: the glowing cyber implant in the hands?
 think Lensman.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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