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>The essence of gundam is marketing. What bandai says, goes. anything else
>is icing on the cake.

Ok you tell that to the Tomino back in 0079 and ask him what he thinks is
more important; writing a good story, or making a buck. Every artist will
tell you the first rather than the latter...It's a known fact that passion
for art is stronger than a commercialized psychopathic frenzy
rage...Sunrise and Bandai on the other hand...god those guys are idiots.

>Ahem. I am one of those bishonen and yaoi freaks, and I also appreciate UC
>gundam; in fact, I love UC gundam. please be more careful with your words.

Ok, can you name the reason why you like UC Gundam??

>I think perhaps one should realize that it all goes with the trends. back
>then, the trend was for realism, now it's for this. as long as the message
>of the writers still come through all the marketing tricks, then I like the
>cartoon. I mean, we have to be realistic here; bandai IS out to make a
>buck. if the writers can accomodate that and still come out with a halfway
>decent storyline, then I am impressed.

That's no excuse to create a crap storyline. That's like saying; I create
a lot of garbage to get a lot of garbage back...uh...ok bad analogy; didn't
make any sense. Anyways, seriously speaking now...it's just how the Anime
commune is developed now in Japan. Everything now is flashy flashy
flashy...typical exec thinking; put more explosions in, but I don't want
anybody to die. The media is a powerful...medium...therefore it can almost
be used as a brain washing/social development tool. Whatever you put out
in Japan (especially Japan due to the "otaku-ness" of the country), will
probably have a big effect on everybody. Similar trends are happening in
games; flashy flashy...Sega is falling out of the game race in Japan due to
the overwhelming flashiness of the PSX and PS2. I'm not saying there
aren't good games on any of the systems, but let's face it; Sega games have
incredibly substance and content, yet they are neglected just because some
friend says "Sega sucks!!!". Therefore, this friend tells friend #1,
friend #1 tells friend #2, and everybody's afraid to make their own choice,
etc etc etc...there are intelligent rather knowledgeable people out there,
but frankly, there just isn't enough of them.

I can say that I have Sunrise and Bandai right now because all they want is
money now. Once they acknowledged those idiotic franchises, that was
pretty much the signal that they totally forgot who made them; the UC fans
who followed the series to the rise of the alternate universes. That means
they now totally ignore and neglect those people who have brought them to
their pinnacle. Doesn't that make you just hate them even MORE?

God I hate them a lot now...

>Well, just be a bit more open-minded. to become stuck in an ivory tower is
>not good either. there are gems out there, like the Gatchaman remake, or
>the Shin Getta remake, or stuff like Escaflowne. It's just seeing through
>all the flash, like Gasaraki and Nadesico.

I didn't say there wasn't good Anime out there...I just said it's not as
frequent as before. Esca, Giant Robo, etc are really good examples of
good/serious Anime. Nadesico I just couldn't stand...it was like watching
GW and Eva stuck together...they tried to stick the flashiness of GW and
then tried to stick the depth of the characters of Eva. Damn, I think they
would know better than to do something like that. Everybody knows that
Ruri is a total cop out of Rei Ayanami; the true and original "I'm a
depressing under aged super kawaii girl".


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