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>And realistically ... as much as I dislike it, Wing is _still_ better than

DBZ is actually good...till after they got to the Buu Saga...it's actually
a lot deeper than what people make it.

ninja scroll,

Ninja Scroll aka Jubei Chronicles; again is a lot deeper than you might
think...though people watch it for the wrong reasons. Same for DBZ, most
people watch it for the big fireball fancy dooddads...dunno about you, but
I just watch it 'cause it's an Anime. =P Mainstream doesn't mean it's not
good. Mononoke raked in the most money in Japanese movie history, and I
don't think you're gonna go bashing that into the ground just because it's

and much of the other more "mainstream" anime. Hope I
>don't offend anyone, but when I run into people babbling about how much they
>love Japanimation, and they watch DBZ 3 hours a day and they've seen Ninja
>scroll 30 times .... shudder ... =)
>So yes UC'ers may not like Wing, and we're justified in that dislike because
>we've seen both and compared. Bitching at Wing kiddies is just wrong,
>because they _haven't_ seen UC.
>There, my contribution ;p

Actually there are those who have watched both but like GW more because
it's just more flashy. They don't sit down and think about the actual
content of the UC sagas. Hence the insane senseless obsession with
ultimoooo power raging thingamabobber--whatever I said, but you get the


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