Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Mon, 16 Oct 2000 22:21:01 -0700

>Iwant to know something are garage kits better ? They may cost a little bit
>more than the other gundam models but are they worth the price?

You can't really compare garage kits with plastic injection model kits.
They're about as apples and oranges as two things can get.

Perhpas it'll help if you can define what you mean by "better". Basically
garage kits are so expensive because of the cost associated with its
production process and the lack of economy of scale. They were also able to
charge more due to the fact that a garage kit's mold is subject to destruction
from wear and tear and thus they are always limited production items rarely
reissued (illegal recasts notwithstanding).

The plastic injection kits are targeted at a mass market and tend to be
builder-friendly. It used to be the case that garage kits offer better
proportions or even better articulation for full-action kits, but with the
advance of technology Bandai has invested in plastic injection kits, that's
not always the case anymore. However, there are still some designs that are
not available in injection form and you have to get the GK if you love the
design so much.


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