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I HATE THE TERM 'JAPANIMATION'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

anyway, ::shuder at three hours of dbz,:: i like dbz,
but i'm not as obsessed as others, (like say my middle
school freind) and ninja scroll doesn't really count
as mainstream unless you buy an 'americanized'
(dubbed, eidted, and sluaghtered) version, because
ninja scroll acually shows some brief nudity (big
deal) and that sort of thing is viewed as unfit for
american childeren.(30 times, i think i've seen it 3?)

--- Echo|Fox <> wrote:
> I'm just goint to throw my 2 cents in. I'm guilty of
> bashing Wing. A lot. I
> really don't like it all that much, but i'll go into
> that a bit more in a
> second.
> I watched 0083 first and was totally into it. One of
> the first anime series
> I watched and it really blew me away. Watched 0080
> shortly after and I just
> didn't get it at the time. I had no concept of what
> Gundam was so I couldn't
> appreciate it. Then I watched Wing and was all of
> it. Color me north
> american Wing fans right now. However, I was given
> the opportunity to watch
> a lot of UC Gundam after that, and for that I'm
> really thankful. I then
> realized how much cooler (IMHO, anyway), UC stuff
> was, and I became the
> diehard UC'er I am today. Basically the more UC I
> saw, the less I liked
> Wing, and to a lesser extent, 0083, because they
> lack much of what it was I
> liked about Gundam, once I got past the action and
> such.
> As easy as it is sometimes, we shouldn't try and
> bash Wing kiddies so much
> ... they don't know any better. If they're given
> the same opportunities
> we've been given to enjoy UC and then they're still
> blinded by Wing's flash,
> bash away (j/k ;p), but it's really all they know.
> And realistically ... as much as I dislike it, Wing
> is _still_ better than
> DBZ, ninja scroll, and much of the other more
> "mainstream" anime. Hope I
> don't offend anyone, but when I run into people
> babbling about how much they
> love Japanimation, and they watch DBZ 3 hours a day
> and they've seen Ninja
> scroll 30 times .... shudder ... =)
> So yes UC'ers may not like Wing, and we're justified
> in that dislike because
> we've seen both and compared. Bitching at Wing
> kiddies is just wrong,
> because they _haven't_ seen UC.
> There, my contribution ;p
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