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> Franz Co wrote:
> >
> > >> 12. Luke Skywalker in Nu Gundam vs Amuro in Sazabi
> > >the winner? Star Wars and Gundam fans EVERYWHERE
> (Newtype versus Jedi,
> > >that's gonna be one helluva fight)
> > >-Les
> >
> > Technically, a Jedi can only sense someone who has a
> strong connection with
> > the force, like another Jedi or a Sith. A Newtype on
> the other hand can
> > sense anyone he focuses himself on so Amuro has the
> upperhand. (Unless Luke
> > telekineticaly controls the Sazabi w/ Amuro inside)
> >
> i was under the impression from my resources (though RPG
> books as cannon
> are debateable) that depending on the Jedi's training and
> level of
> mastery of the force he could anticipate events several
> seconds into the
> future and pre-emptively react to them, thus giving the
> apperance of
> super-human reflexes, also that they could sense when
> someone is
> directing harmfull intentions directly toward them and i
> would think
> that being a powerfull newtype Amuro's 'intntions' would
> be broadcast
> louder than others

It depends on which time era Luke is from... is he's from
any of the three movies, then I doubt he'd be as well
versed in the force to use it efficiently against Amuro.

But if Luke does become an absurdly powerful Jedi after the
movies, then he might not even need the MS...

Considering also the fact that they are using mobile suits
in combat, which Luke never used. Perhaps if they were
using small combat craft... core fighter against an x-wing
perhaps? hmm, Amuro could lose...

> > Howabout Char vs. Darth Vader,
> > lets see who has the tougher mask.
> heh heh, now that would be a fight to see >;)
> -Les

(great, now I can't get the picture of those two in combat
off my mind...)

Char: You killed my father!
Darth: No Char, I AM your father!

Luke: HEY!

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