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  There's more to be told from the UC period in Gundam. While I like the time
period from 0079 to CCA, they need to set a Gundam show in something like in
UC 00300, where it's far from the other UC stuff, but is still UC, thus
allowing someone to start a fresh, brand new Gundam story that's still in UC.

  So many idea's have been used in Gundam or most other stories for that
matter, to be 100% original is near impossible. It's how a stories told, not
how original or new it is, that make's it good.

  I am trying to write a mecha story and it's very difficult to come up with
totally original ideas, as I can put my spin on them, but Super robots,
realistic robots, fantasy robots, etc., have been done multiple times, so
much so that basically all-one can do is make good characters and a good
story and put one's own spin in the robots.

  Basically, the story itself and the character's are what make Gundam,
Gundam if you ask me. Gundam was original in 1979, but not after 20 years of
Gundam material.

Gundam, Star Wars, etc. WHERE original, but no longer, as so many ideas are
so well worn and used, that it's the character's and story that matters most.
Yes, I like my cool robots a lot and like great looking robots, but they are
the icing on the cake, the gravy on your steak, so to speak. Yes, I LOVE
giant robots, but it's the character's and story that I like best. While I
liked Babylon 5 a lot, it's not high tech enough compared to how our current
world is. Giant humanoid robots are so outlandish for the current world, that
they make great sci-fi material, compared to star fighters, space ships,
etc., for this current age.

  I see UC as a safe, tidy, realistic series of interconnected shows and I
see AC as the dangerous, fun, try new stuff without hurting UC's safe, tidy
package, type of thing. With AC it's "safe" to experiment with new ideas or
twist's on proven ideas. I like both UC and AC.

  Hey, with AC, UC can be left alone or "untainted" as some would see it. Let
AC experiment with Gundam. GW could have very well been UC, if other
decisions would be made. If UC fanatics don't like AC, ignore it. To me it
seems some are jealous because AC is getting more attention then UC. UC will
have it's time in the USA lime light as well, eventually. Fanaticism makes me
sick and I do not like it all. It's okay to feel storngly about something,
but I am leery of Fanatics, as they beliveve they are right, no matter what
is shown to them, espcailly if it undermines them or shows their fanaticism
as wrong.

"Believing a sign of Zeta"

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