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Tue, 17 Oct 2000 11:35:35 +0800

> In the right corner: The Wing Boys heero in GW-0, Duo in Deathscythe
> Hell, Trowa in Heavyarms, Quatre in Sandrock and WuFei in Nataku! In
> the Left Corner: the Newtype Punks: Camille in Zeta, Judo in ZZ,
> Seabook in F91, Usso in V2 Buster Assault and Amuro in Nu Gundam!
> Place Your bets!
> --

Best Match:

Wing 0 Custom vs V2AssaultBuster Gundam
Heavyarms Custom vs ZZ or GP03Dendrobium (human)
DSHell C vs F91
Sandrock vs RX-78
Zeta vs Wing & Waverider vs GWing Bird Mode
Nataku vs Char's Gelgoog

Lets Get in On!

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