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What pisses me off is Sand Rock's two falchions, swords, whatever you want
to call them...BLADE THINGIES!!!! How can they cut through metal?!!?
Don't tell me it's Gundarium...It's kinda like Tenchi Muyo...if it's an
inexplainable godly power, blame it on another dimension. I guess in GW,
they blame it all on Gundarium...for example...if Herro gets shot on foot
and continues to fight at 110%, it's due to the power of Gundarium on his
Gundam Wing suit which is 100 miles away. So who cares about all those
awesome technical statistics that make a somewhat good deal of sense?!?!?
Just throw that crap away!! It doesn't matter 'cause Gundarium is all that
matters!!! yeah!!! :)

>In a message dated 10/16/00 10:09:04 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
>gundam@loop.com writes:
>> Give the Leos some buster rifles and they'll rip through the Wing boys no
>> matter what they are piloting... oh wait, I forgot, this is Wing, they
>> cannot be hurt unless the plot demands it!
>Case in point...the Specials in Wing were supposed to be the elite soldiers
>correct?Cream of the crop no? If that's so,how could those damn wing boys
>whup em all,sometimes bare handed too eh o_O?!
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