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That's the whole trick here...Gundam is mostly about realism...mobile suit
and Gundam-related warfare all encircles the science of minoskvi particles.
 Well in GW, there are none!!! How does that work? I mean, the GW mecha
doesn't even have technical statistics of weapons and so forth...all they
have are these DBZ-wannabe power level thingmajiggers!!!

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>>>> GWing they were like metallic
>>>> superheroes
>>>That pretty much sums up why I personally don't enjoy Wing as much as the
>>>other series. It seemed too silly and unrealistic to me how those 5 boys
>>>through the opposition.
>>LOL... I was talking to a friend yesterday, he admits that he spends so much
>>time picking on what's wrong with Wing he's forgotten a lot about UC Gundam
>>shows already.
>>Give the Leos some buster rifles and they'll rip through the Wing boys no
>>matter what they are piloting... oh wait, I forgot, this is Wing, they
>>cannot be hurt unless the plot demands it!
>It's just a different style of show. A typical action movie has the hero
wading through a horde of goons without breaking a sweat, and that doesn't
inherently make it a bad movie (if done well enough, it can be a very good
thing), so why doesn't the same apply to mecha shows?
>Realistic? Probably not. Entertaining? Quite possibly.
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