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hehe...one of the funniest things is when Heavy Arms seems to
"conveniently" run out of ammo when the "plot demands it". And sometimes
the Heavy Arms could fire for a good 15 minutes and never run out of ammo.
Gee...maybe he forgot to reload for the next scene?

>>In a message dated 10/16/00 9:49:13 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
>>charaznable@excite.com writes:
>>> GWing they were like metallic
>>> superheroes
>>That pretty much sums up why I personally don't enjoy Wing as much as the
>>other series. It seemed too silly and unrealistic to me how those 5 boys
>>through the opposition.
>LOL... I was talking to a friend yesterday, he admits that he spends so much
>time picking on what's wrong with Wing he's forgotten a lot about UC Gundam
>shows already.
>Give the Leos some buster rifles and they'll rip through the Wing boys no
>matter what they are piloting... oh wait, I forgot, this is Wing, they
>cannot be hurt unless the plot demands it!
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