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IMHO, I think that Gundam Wing's overall feel was crappily done; mecha,
story, characters and so forth were done in a highly unrealistic sensation.
 Gundam for a fact involves a lot of realism, and when you take the depth
and realism away from Gundam you practically destroy the essence of Gundam.
 I think that a lot of UC-ers feel the same way about this for Gundam Wing
and other related universes/franchises. It's pure fact that Gundam Wing
was made to gain support from those bishounen and yaoi freaks all over the
world, and when you bring that into Gundam; the very people who got into
Gundam to avoid those types of crowds are now stuck with those types of
crowds due to the introduction of existing non UC universes. I have to say
that before Gundam Wing came out, Gundam was THE most sacred Anime in the
entire history of Anime aside from the those Animes which have ended so
faithfully. Gundam is the only one which has proceeded smoothly with a
still loyal fanbase and a pure and consistent universe. Then when you
enter Gundam Wing into the roster, things tend to flip and change towards a
preference where the loyal and already existing fans don't like at all. I
don't speak for all UC-er's, but a lot of them feel this way; including me.
 I feel completely alienated by Bandai's/Sunrise's desperation to "save
Gundam" from being trampled by all those yaoi, bishounen, and strangely
kawaii Animes that are now flooding Japan. I mean, count the number of
serious Anime coming out of Japan right now? I can sure as hell can tell
you that there are a limited number of serious Animes coming out, and
Gundam is now a dying breed of the classic Anime that a good deal of us on
the GML have grown up with.

Orange Road, Gundam, Gallforce, Bubble Gum Crisis, Macross, these are the
things we grew up with. And trends are changing unfortunately to something
we probably won't enjoy as much as the classics. What I find disturbing
and is pretty evident, is that most Anime coming out is falling to the
trend of flashiness and utter nonsense of improperly rehashed comedy from
the classics which established Anime as the top most versatile genre of
story telling in animation today. Face it, we've all been touched by Anime
one way or another; good or bad, like it or not, Anime is here and it will
continue to spread till it influences all cultures in the world if it
hasn't already.

The old schoolers who have grown up and freakishly pay attention to detail
are those who complain and dislike the non UC universes. The sloppiness in
consistency, the flashy and dull characters, the irritatingly "just cool"
mecha, blah blah blah...UC fans know the list.

The point is...Gundam by standard is no longer the Gundam which we love and
know. When Bandai/Sunrise took that essence (whatever that may be is for
you to decide) away, we lost a great part of ourselves and Gundam itself.
In Japan, Gundam is a household name. Imagine if you took away Gundam from
history; what would it be like without it? Imagine if you suddenly took
away (not ended) Gundam from Japan and the rest of the world? What would
you feel like? How would you feel? Would you be pissed? Angry? Sad?
Irritated? Well, if you guessed all of the above, that's exactly how us
UC-ers feel about the whole situation.

>I think those saying non-UC Gundam series are not Gundams are as boneheaded
>as those who think that Gundam Wing is the only Gundam series
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