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 Uhmm.. OK. Wing is Wing and UC is UC, but both are Gundam. OK. The question now remains, given that the old themes don't sell as much as the Wing-type stories, does that mean that we will probably never see stories like the UC Gundams anymore? This is sad...


On Mon, 16 Oct 2000 18:48:11 Char Aznable wrote: > >On Mon, 16 Oct 2000 18:29:53 -0700 (PDT), gundam@aeug.org wrote: > >> i'm a wing fan, i got into the originals, i feel wing >> is just as much gundam as the gundam movies, okay, it >> is aimed kinda differntly, but also it was made as a >> dying attempt to save gundam, and it worked for a >> while, so nobady bad-mouth gundam > >I agree. most of the Gundam releases in the past decade are alternative >universe Gundams. why? first, in UC nothing outside of 0078-0093 really >sells. they've added so much within that 15 year period, from the regular >TV series, to movies, to OAVs, to side-stories, there's so much story told >for such a short period of time, its like they have told every possible >story for every day of that 15 year period! (okay, don't take it that >literally, but really, what else could they put into that box?) > >the time G Gundam came out, the hottest thing in the market was Street >Fighter, and a lot of Street Fighter clones. no one is really interested in >a story that's very traditional Gundam (again, don't take this to literally, >of course there are still fans, its just that big companies want to sell >things to the most number of people, so you have to follow the trends and >not rely on just your few loyal followers.) so they come up with a robot >series that's rooted in the Street Fighter series. and I have to say they >did a good job. > >with Wing, they tried to re-introduce the series. they also made it appeal >to more people so they would get to know the series. in UC the robots were >more like sophisticated war machines, in GWing they were like metallic >superheroes. they were unbeatable by most opponents and they displayed >unrealistic characteristics while UC tried to make it as "in the future >there will be real technology that can do this." let us not condemn Wing >because most people these past few years have started getting into Gundam >because of Wing. although I know if you've been a long time Gundam fan >you'd feel short changed by Wing and think, "hey, can't they come up with >something new anymore?" > >my stand on it, I really don't like the story but I love the mecha, >especially the Endless Waltz ones, very original > > > > > >_______________________________________________________ >Say Bye to Slow Internet! >http://www.home.com/xinbox/signup.html > > >- >Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at http://gundam.aeug.org/ >

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