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Actually, after I stopped doing kits for a while (some time ago). It was
the Eva kits that got me back into modeling.

>I was just wondering had anyone done an Eva kit or any of the >1/60
>Patlbor kits.
>I'm thinking about branching out a bit and I was wondering had >anyone
>gone into these yet. And if you have any hints,warnings,or >recommended

Eva kit's (at least the big ones) are LMHG so they mix some LM and some HG
traits. A lot of the small details do need painting as well as the weapons
(which come in black and not the gunmetal in the series). Also, they're a
helluva lot harder to balance then Gunpra not to mention even pose although
it is rewarding once you finally do. The arms are mostly pre assembled, all
you have to do with them is the shoulder and the little details. They're
made up of a rubbery material with a plastic skeleton inside, be careful
when moving them as not to snap the internal "skeleton" (like I did with my

Also, if you're gonna get an EVA-01, get the version that comes with the
launch cage as the molding of the colors is better done and you get a cool
launch cage too! Its the one with the "painting" of the 01 with the burning
background (like the scene from ep. 2) on the box and not the one with
Shinji's pic.

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