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>>Actual exchange between two 12-year-olds overheard in a >convenience store
>>last night:
>>'Cool, Gundam WIng trading cards. You watch Gundam Wing?'
>>'No, man, I can never figure out when it's on.'
>>'Well, *obviously* you aren't *hip*.'
>>Hey, Gundam is hip now. Yay. ^_~
>>- dom

>Lucky for you. Here in the Philippines, there is such a sharp >distinction
>between the serious gundam fans and wingnuts that it's a crying >shame. I
>tried talking to one of these kids once, explaining that he >should try
>looking at the other Gundam anime, like G Gundam (yes, it's >been shown
>here, and yes it was popular), as well as the UC stuff, and >what I got was
>"But the robots are so boring in that stuff!" Egadz, I nearly >became a

Hmm... actually I've had beter luck at introducing female fans of Wing to UC
gundam (of course it helps that one of them is my girlfriend). Then again,
most of these fan-girls are more interested in the characters than in the
mecha. Then again my girlfriend can't get her hands of my Hyaku-Shiki.

>If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would >have brought a

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