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Kudos Richie Ramos of the Philippines! I too have been a G-fan for quite some time and I'm glad for the company. Anyway, GW has been shown in the country (as well as G-Gundam) and the results weren't nearly as favorable. I doubt Filipinos will ever appreciate the beauty (and complexity) of the UC series. I never liked GW, too cheesy and the characters (save Duo ) are pretty boring.



On Tue, 17 Oct 2000 02:09:58 Richie Ramos wrote: >>Actual exchange between two 12-year-olds overheard in a convenience store >>last night: >>'Cool, Gundam WIng trading cards. You watch Gundam Wing?' >>'No, man, I can never figure out when it's on.' >>'Well, *obviously* you aren't *hip*.' >>Hey, Gundam is hip now. Yay. ^_~ >>- dom > >Lucky for you. Here in the Philippines, there is such a sharp distinction >between the serious gundam fans and wingnuts that it's a crying shame. I >tried talking to one of these kids once, explaining that he should try >looking at the other Gundam anime, like G Gundam (yes, it's been shown >here, and yes it was popular), as well as the UC stuff, and what I got was >"But the robots are so boring in that stuff!" Egadz, I nearly became a >murderer. > > > >If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a >flashlight. > >Richard "Richie" Ramos, Associate Editor >Localvibe -- Changing the way you see your city! > >url: www.localvibe.com >ofc: (632) 4167486 >fax: (632) 4167479 >cel: 0917-4024780 >hse: (632) 7231308 (emergency use) >ICQ#: 12914919 > >I am NOT a starving writer. > >- >Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at http://gundam.aeug.org/ >

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