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Had to pick up a CD player f or my sisters birthday. "A ha" I figured, this
means I can try and catch a ride to the southside Future Shop, which has a
Toys R Us next door, and perhaps I can grab a couple of Wing MSiA's. Blast.
Unable to get a ride. Instead, head downtown to A&B Sound (Where I got a CD
player) and the newly opened Electronics Boutique. Along with an assload of
software they had a small selection of anime DVD's and products. Of note
were the Omega Boost Action figures. Only two they had were Omega Boost at
$12.99cdn and Beta Boost at $14.99. Considering the large gun that Omega was
sporting and the rather low price, I had to have them.
In the package they look quite nice. Out of the package is another story...
These are definately figures for displaying, not playing. Hard to give a
scale, somewhere between Gundam's 1/144 and 1/100. Omega Boost is loose and
floppy, while Beta Boost is decidedly unarticulated. Molding, colors, and
panel lines on Omega are quite nice, but are really sloppy on Beta. Omega
comes with a BFG and a pretty cool backpack, Beta has no accessories at all
(and he cost $2 more!). You can guess which I like more. Omega is able to
pull off a few decent poses, but Beta's lack of weapons and decidedly
phallic crotch (if you thought Megatron's crotch trigger was bad, wait'll
you see this) makes him look exceedingly dumb just standing there ;p Fists
are moulded closed too so I can't even borrow somebody elses gun...
Still, for the price I'd definately say Omega Boost is worth picking up. If
you're looking for something with a big gun to add to your mecha shelf, its
a small price to pay. Unless you _reaaaaaaaaaaallly_ liked the game, I see
no reason to buy Beta boost. The other (Herbarcher? or something), they
didn't have so I can't comment on that one, but it might be worth at least
checking out.
Apparently that EB is getting the Front Mission 3 figures in tomorrow.
$20us/35$cdn seems like way too much to pay for me, but who knows. Anybody
picked one up and can comment on whether its worth it or not?

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