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Mon, 16 Oct 2000 13:24:13 -0700

>I was just wondering had anyone done an Eva kit or any of the 1/60
>Patlbor kits.
>I'm thinking about branching out a bit and I was wondering had anyone
>gone into these yet. And if you have any hints,warnings,or recommended

Eva kits:

Stay with the LMHG kits and stay away from the LM kits - unless you want to
build diorama with cheap kits and have a lot of time and skills to work on
modifying the LM kits (they NEED it!) Of all the LMHG kits, the 3rd angel
was the most unique design since it is basically an internal frame wearing
a rubber suit. The rest of the line are all Evas. Many of the Evas share
the same acceossories (IIRC they were 02, 00, 03 and 04) so you want to
take that into consideration if you are getting several LMHG kits at once.
There are 2 versions of the Eva-01, the original (LMHG #1) and the "movie
edition" which comes with tons of extra accessories and a launching cage,
not to mention a removable helmet. For an extra 1,000 yen I think this new
version is a better buy.

Patlabor kits:

Mostly of the quality of the 0080 kits. Many come with rubber sleeves for
the joints, you want to wash them in warm soapy water before putting it over
the joints, as I've heard that these sleeves tend to "eat" away at the
plastic under certain conditions. I recommend the Ingram Special and the
Alphose kits because they come with extra parts so you can 1 of 3 designs.


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