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>> 3. Shoji Kawamori
>UHHG Macross! Sorry, but I just could not be less interested in a
>vintage '80s fighter with legs. Not even in my personal top 10.

I would have to agree...the transformation sequence of a valkyrie is simply
ridiculous. However, was he the one who designed the destroids? Cuz if he
is, then for the destroids alone he is a good designer.

>> 2. Hajime Katoki
>Most overrated mech designer out there. Sure, some of his design work
>is very nice, but he also has made quite a bit of missteps design
>wise, and in my opinion his papercraft 'everything needs to be made
>up of straight lines and angles' aesthetic really ends up doing
>injustice to Jion MSs.

I would have to agree on this also. Yes, he is a great designer and all
that, but sometimes his work translates poorly to kit design. The opposite
is Syd Mead. The Turn A looks "bad", true, but do get the 1/100 kit and
see how good the design translates to model kit construction.

>> 3. Yutaka Izubuchi
>Now this guy has done some nice stuff.

Patlabor. Need we say more?

>This is my list.
>Kazumi Fujita - I mean he was the main man on Zeta, brought us the
>cool Blue Knight designs, his awesome Tyrant Sword series, and the
>stunning designs for Quo Vadis 2! This man is it, as far as I am

I've seen the Quo Vadis stuff. Very good work there.

>Masamune Shirow - Some great mech designs, but where this guy really
>shines is in overall world tech design! Few artists are able to do
>such a great job of bringing all the tech elements of a world
>together into such a well integrated whole.

Yeah, this guy has got it together when it comes to world tech. Simply
incredible design sense. But sometimes he reminds me a bit too much of
blade runner...Or is it because the blade runner guys got some stuff from
him? I have no idea as to how the time system holds up on this one.

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