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First my responses, then my list.

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> 3. Shoji Kawamori

UHHG Macross! Sorry, but I just could not be less interested in a
vintage '80s fighter with legs. Not even in my personal top 10.

> 2. Hajime Katoki

Most overrated mech designer out there. Sure, some of his design work
is very nice, but he also has made quite a bit of missteps design
wise, and in my opinion his papercraft 'everything needs to be made
up of straight lines and angles' aesthetic really ends up doing
injustice to Jion MSs.

> 3. Yutaka Izubuchi

Now this guy has done some nice stuff.

This is my list.

Kazumi Fujita - I mean he was the main man on Zeta, brought us the
cool Blue Knight designs, his awesome Tyrant Sword series, and the
stunning designs for Quo Vadis 2! This man is it, as far as I am

Makato Kobayashi - Low volume, but certainly one of the most original
designers out there. The Neo-Geo, his version of the Marasai, and his
many other, barely anthropomorphic, goodies from Dragon's Heaven. Add
to that what a great modeler this guy is, and he almost reaches the
status of personal hero.

Masamune Shirow - Some great mech designs, but where this guy really
shines is in overall world tech design! Few artists are able to do
such a great job of bringing all the tech elements of a world
together into such a well integrated whole.

Kow Yamada - The king of 'realistic' styling. I mean SF3D! Add to
that the kooky but cool Zoids he designed, and you have one hell of a

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