James Boren (jboren@earthlink.net)
Sun, 15 Oct 2000 18:39:19 -0800

Whoa, this new book is a must have! 50 color and 400 pages of B&W
line art covering every character in every Gundam series. All at a
very reasonable 2800 yen. This book is so crammed with character art
there is only about 10 all-text pages in the whole thing. There is a
lot of art I've never seen before, especially on less documented
series like G Gundam, and 08th MS team,(including miller's report and
Last resort). If it was on the screen for 2 sec., chances are you'll
see it in here. There are also extensive costume variation drawings
so for instance you have drawings of Aina (08th MS) in 10 different

The main thrust is the anime and ova series. There is only 1 page of
game character drawings, and it doesn't cover any manga series. It is
very current with the most extensive Turn-A character drawings I've
seen. The Mobile suits tend to overshadow everything Gundam, but this
book is a much appreciated reminder that there is more to Gundam than
MS and Gunpra. Highly recommended!

Publisher: Mediaworks
Title: Mobile Suit Gundam Character Encyclopedia
same size as the mobile suit encyclopedia but twice as thick!
2800 yen

again, a very good book!


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