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>>I've just heard that Bandai will be releasing a 1/144 HGUC Zeong.
>>If thats true, then Bandai is moving back to 0079. Perhaps there's still a
>>chance of seeing 1/144 Doms.
>praise Bandai for doing so! IMO I've had enough of those Wing kits...go
HGUC 0079 kits!!!

>actually, my wish list for HGUC is as follows:

>GM (preferrably a nice GM cannon)
>Doven Wolf
>The O

>and a lot of the weirder kits in Z and ZZ. Also, if it's UC, >and 0079, I
>want to see some of the MA. Even the Zakurello! LOL!

My wish list

RX-79 Gundam (not the old HG one)
GM (any from MSV, 0080 or 0083, hech even the GMII fr. Zeta)
ReGZ (although I would prefer an MG)
Galbady? (hey! it's worth a shot)

And yes I would also like to see the Zakurello! LOL!

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