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In the spirit of the previous favorite non-Gundam mechanical designs, and
the ever posted Gundam mechanical design, it's time for something a bit
different. Who's you're favorite mechanical designer, Gundam or otherwise?
For me:
3. Shoji Kawamori - Exceedingly graceful designs. Other than the GP-02, I'm
not thrilled with his stuff in 0083, but all of his work in Macross easily
earns him a spot here. I grew up watching the Transformers where mechanical
design was pretty much non-existent. That transformation not realistically
possible? No problem, the animators can fudge it. Kawamori's designs really
stand out in this regard.
2. Hajime Katoki - Whenever I thought of my favorite designers, he really
stood out, if just for the beautiful Gundam FIX stuff. He also graced us
with 0083's solid GM's, and did manage to somewhat better Ookawara's
stunningly bad Wing designs. I'm particularly fond of some of his Zeon
designs. Hell, even his underrated V Gundam designs were reasonably cool.
However, he's not quite good enough to knock off the champ...
3. Yutaka Izubuchi - This came as a real surprise to me. He wasn't a name I
usually heard in conversation about mechanical design, but as I did a bit of
research, I was amazed by the sheer amount of stuff he's done, and how much
of those designs were in my own list of favorites. Being the designer of the
Nu and the Alex, the _best_ GM's we've ever seen (0080's), some of the
greatest Zeon Designs (Kampfer, Gelgoog Jaeger)... its amazing! When I found
out he designed Patlabor and Gasaraki (my favorite "new" series), it only
reaffirmed by belief.Izubuchi-san is, by far and away, my favorite designer.
I hope we see more of his work in the future. On another note ... it seems
he did character designs for Lodoss War? This guy is a machine =)

Honorable Mentions: Kunio Ookawara. I tend to pan him for his foogly work in
Wing, but its hard to deny his influence, especially in Zeta and 08th MS
Team. Mamoro Nagano as well. I've never seen any of his work in motion (Save
for the assists he lent in Zeta), but he's too well known.

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