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>I've bought yesterday a MS-07H8 (13.2$ bucks) and I have not >chosed yed
>how to paint it. I'm rather traditional as I paint my MS in >colors seen
>on TV and official books even if in a rather unorthodox way (my >FZ an
>FII first grade are in FII's desert camo, my Gouf Coustom is >painted
>with a grey MS Era style, my Rick Dom II is painted in the urban
>version seen in the "takeyari attack" photo from the same >book but I
>will change it to the MS-09/Trop scheme from "Lost Troopers"). >So, I
>don't know if I have to paint this baby with a dark brown >torso/light
>brown limbs scheme or in a grey/black scheme. Are all Gouf >officially
>always dark/light blue or grey or there's some know variants, >maybe in


The MS07BH-4 was painted in bright pink with black, white and red details
(source MS Encyclopedia 98). I was actuallt thinking about bashing a Gouf
Flight Type with an HGUC Gouf to get an H-4 Gouf Flight Type

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