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>They gurantee a certain minium speed, so if the cable company doesn't offer a
>better deal, I'll get DSL, if I can. We will also have cable net access by

        The telecommunications industry in my area isn't well-developed. The
market is currently undergoing liberization -- fancy way of saying
competitors are coming in -- so we are only now seeing the benefits.

        We do have cable modems, and I am considering getting one, but it's
currently beyond my means, so I may have to defer for a while.

>How fast is your Net access? Enjoy it, I bet it's nice to have! :) I am going
>to search the Net to research how much faster DSL or cable iscompared to 56k.

        Not too sure. 10BaseT, so it should be about 10Mbps, if I remember
my networking modules correctly. It's fast, but I don't use it that much,
since I honestly don't surf very much.

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