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<< I'm using my University LAN -- no way you can beat me. =)
         No, the problem is on the actual translation. Since "Kidou Senshi"
 isn't exactly a common phrase, no matter what we personally think of the
 subject (*g*), the translation takes longer as the entire translation index
 must be looked into.
         Once a translation has been done once, the result is normally stored
 in the cache, and hence it becomes faster for later users. >>

 Oh, now I see what you mean. See my phone company had us listed as an
address that doesn't exist. My street number is 100, but had it as 101 and
101 doesn't even exist! Our neighors have DSL, but we don't and the
neighbor's that have it live right next to my house, so we are closer to the
line then they are, so since the phone company had my address wrong, they
said they would call us in a few days with further details, once they correct

They gurantee a certain minium speed, so if the cable company doesn't offer a
better deal, I'll get DSL, if I can. We will also have cable net access by
Fall, they are building a HUGE, two story cable company building down the
road, so I assume that's for cable net access. I am dying for high speed
access, it's getting so old for even simple sites to take a bit to load. We I
could connect t 56k, at least it was bearable.

How fast is your Net access? Enjoy it, I bet it's nice to have! :) I am going
to search the Net to research how much faster DSL or cable iscompared to 56k.

"Believing a sign of Zeta"

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