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At 01:13 10/14/2000 -0400, Chris Maier wrote:
>Appearence work movement fighter. Now that's a weird name. Is this the
>literal Japanese translation?(It sounds a little closer to Mobile soldier
>Gundam) Anybody know?

        More accurately, Kidou Senshi (I believe this is the actual
pronoucation) has a Kanji that roughly translate to "Mechanical Warrior".
Given that a single Japanese prounciation can result in several Kanji -- it
all depends on context, and not all words are common -- this means that your
choice of which kanji to input can affect your output.

        When I tried to use your "Appearence Work Movement Fighter" to
reverse the translation, I had a real good laugh. =)

        I used MS IME with the aforementioned Kanji and the site has yet to
return a result. I'll wait a while more and see if it returns any decent
results. I'll keep you informed.

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