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>I mean 'technical' as in what parts have been changed between the two. The
>two models look exactly alike so I wanted to know what was it (under their
>metal skins) that made them different.

        Doms started out as a land MS. Rick Doms, are, as someone once said
here, Refitted Doms, to shore up the shortcomings of the Zakus against
Federation MSes until better MSes, like the Gelgoogs or Gyans could come on

        Hence, Doms were refitted with verniers for them to work better in
space. Perhaps they are also refitted with more powerful thrusters, but I
think you can find out more in either the Gundam Project or Mecha Domain.
I'm not too sure, but I think Rick Doms are given beam bazookas too.

>P.S. Shouldn't the Rick Dom be able to function on land but just without the
>hover capability.

        Land Doms -- like the infamous Dom Tropen -- has the hover ability
just fine. Remember that the Rick Doms came AFTER the Dom, and has most of
the Dom's ability, and vice versa.

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