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Well, the news I found came from UMJAMS and animenation, so take it as you
Apparentally the cancelation news is from a source close to the series, but
then again, it could be a wacky otaku who's trying to get fans to boycot the
series(His name is "TV guy" and he's on the Newsgroups)
Anyway, it is either true and this will be canceled, or most of the anime
news sites will have a "Christopher Walken is in Star Wars II" size

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On Thu, 12 Oct 2000 16:34:04 -0400 Chris Maier <> wrote:
>Well, apparentally The Vision Of Escaflowne, Bandai's second experiment in
>bringing anime to TV, has been canned due to poor ratings, despite
>lead in. Oh well. I suppose it goes to show that if you're not a monster
>catching show with a trading card tie-in, you're doomed as far as Networks
>go. Cable is another story, however.....
>The replacement:
>Nascar racers.

Last I heard, Escaflowne was getting fairly decent ratings. Oh well, at
least the DVDs are well worth the price. None of that crappy editing Fox
did, original intros on both subbed and dubbed versions, and the dub is
really good, IMO. And the music vids....I really liked them too.

The only problem was that my DVD didn't have any of the info it was supposed
to have about the tarot card set. Did have 8 customer response cards though
(as if I need that many).


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