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Something to keep in mind, as Stan Lee once said, "Only Bucky stays dead."
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> >Damn, he's dead? Oh well. Should've paid attention. Thanks.
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> No, doubt he is dead. The series seems to be continuing. And remember,
this is the Marvel universe, or more specifically, the X-Men part of it.
Being dead isn't always a career ending problem. Just because he "seems" to
have died, doesn't mean he has.
> After all, Rachel Summers (ie, the second Pheonix) was sent to the future
and became Mother Askani, and apparently died of old age. Now, she has
appeared once again as a young woman in the Cable series at the end of
Earth's timeline because Apocalypse was defeated due to Cyclops's sacrifice
at the conclusion of the 12 scenario. And how many times have other various
X-Men team members come back from the dead?
> Roland
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