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He also will be back in the regular titles soon like in the next few weeks.

Roland Thigpen wrote:

> On Thu, 12 Oct 2000 15:41:54 EDT wrote:
> >I haven't really been paying attention to X-Men lately (save for X-Men the
> >movie) and I was wondering what the hell happened to my favorite character,
> >Bishop. Last time I read the series, he had dissappeared suddenly. Anybody
> >know what has become of him as of late? By the way, sorry for being off-topic.
> >
> He's got his own series now. He was taken to a parallel future by Trevor Fitzroy (his old enemy/his sister's former lover), where Fitzroy had taken over, and become the Chronomancer. The only surviving X-Man is a very ancient Gambit. Bishop has used the group Gambit had brought together as the nucleus for an army to take on Fitzroy, and just recently destroyed him at last. The only problem was, to do it, he was forced to absorb and rechannel his sister Shard's photon based body. Actually though, doing this didn't do a damn thing. Turns out her sacrifice was for nothing, as Bishop missed Fitzroy and his portal absorbed her energy. Bishop ended up killing Fitzroy by holding him in place, halfway through a time portal while it closed, cutting the bastard in half. But, by doing this, Bishop also absorbed everything the Chronomancer was. At the end of issue #14, we see Bishop seemingly explode as the energy from this absorption is released. All that his companions can find of him i!
> s his X-Men symbol, partly destroyed.
> Bishop was also brought back in time by Apocalypse to be used as one of his 12, as I indicated before, but the timestream returned him near the end of that portion of the story.
> Hope this helps.
> Roland
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