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> >Subject: [gundam] UC The Best Mobile Suit book?
> You have the ISBN numbers?
> >I just saw this book at my local kinokuniya..
> >Best Mobile Suit UC 0078-0153
> >or something like that. I was just wondering if anyone had
> >posted a review before.

I didn't pick this one up, because it's mostly photographs of models and
dramatic artwork and I'm more interested in substantive references, but here's
what Mark Simmons' Gundam Project has on it in the Gundam Goods section (Books -
Multiple Series):


Import: Dengeki Selection

MS Retrospective: THE BEST MOBILE SUIT - U.C.0079~U.C.0153
Publisher: Mediaworks

A compilation of the "MS Retrospective" features from the late, great B-CLUB
magazine. Selected mobile suits from the Universal Century saga are showcased
with model photos and pretty illustrations.



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